This page is going to contain links to other blogs, or tutorials, or websites that I think are pretty great.

Fabric Purchasing

Michael Levine's online store
Lura's Fabric Shop has denim, as well as lots of camouflage and fleece... I'm personally more interested in the denim
Mood Fabrics
The Fabric Fairy
Gorgeous Fabrics

Other Blogs I Enjoy

(p.s. if you don't want me to link to your blog, for whatever reason, please just let me know... politely!)


Working with voile (Anna Maria Horner)
Sewing Tips via The Mother Huddle
Sewing Dictionary (it's not exactly a technique, but who cares)
Sewing a Slipcover is a fantastic tutorial
New York Fashion Center this site sells fabric, but it's too expensive for me to ever buy. BUT, it does have information and uses for any type of fabric you could imagine